Accession is...

Superior in Sourcing  - We are in contact with more than 300 factories in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. During the past several years, we have developed professional cooperation and trustworthy relationship with them. With such a strong supplier network, we are able to react fast on different inquiries and provide various options to our customers.

Superior in Innovation - We attend different electronic fairs all over the world and bring the latest products to our customers. We also develop our own products with our suppliers to provide our customers something special and unique.

Best in Quality - In order to deliver qualified products to our customers, we have hired local QC stuff in China to do factory audit, monitor the mass production and perform the pre-shipment inspection. We also require our suppliers to improve their working environment according to BSCI standard.

Best Prices - We always provide competitive prices to our customers by price comparison among different suppliers, by using our product knowledge and best logistic solutions. We also have Chinese stuffs in both Denmark and China to control the material cost.

Very Flexible - We are flexible in terms of product combination, delivery time and product modification. We try all we can to meet our customers' needs.

Fast Reacting - We respond our customers' inquiries within 48 hours, preferably within 1 working day.

Design oriented - We have in-house designer for package design and making different product 3D drawings for logo placement, color matching and manual lay-out.

Multi lingual - We have strong language skill covering 7 different languages (English, Spanish, Chinese, Danish, German, French and Italian) in-house.

Marketing - We do marketing research and spying prices for our customers frequently